Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taking the Bus (recalculated)

I learned that I might be figuring my mileage wrong because I wasn't including wear and tear, deprecitation, and maintenece. I was told that $0.75 per mile is more average than my strict gas charge of $0.18 per mile.

So, Eastern is about 71 miles round trip costing us about: $53.25 a day or $266.25 a week.

College Park Church is about 36 miles round trip costing us: $27.00 - but well worth it.

The Indianapolis Met would be 60 miles round trip costing: $45.00 a day or $225 a week.

I can get to the bus stop (19.8 miles) for about $14.85 a day, plus $4.00 is bus fare, for a total of $18.85 a day - $94.25 a week.

So, taking the bus to the Met, I can save about $130.75 a week, or almost $523 a month (this isn't direct out of pocket costs... but oil changes and all that other jazz!)


Where has public transportation been all my life?

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