Monday, January 5, 2009

Edmund Phillip Swender Update

It seems like yesterday was a million years ago and yet just happened. Edmund is a different baby today but is still very sick. At my last visit, the nurse told me they turned his oxygen down to 73% (he was at 100%), his blood pressure and heart rate are stable but his heart is still weak. It is functioning at about 20%. His bladder is full - he has made a few more pees since this morning, but still has not emptied it all. A urologist is coming, probably as I type, to attempt a catheter again. This is good news because it suggests his kidneys can still work.

Heidi is doing really well, too. Everyone she talks to says they are going to give her a black belt for delivering such a large baby. She just pumped some colostrum about 20 minutes ago - she filled up two little bottles! When Edmund can have the food, the nurses will put it him through a tube in his mouth.

This morning Heidi and I went to visit him; Heidi started to speak to him and he started to suck on his tubes vigorously! :-) We also get to touch him again; we can't caress him or anything.

He is still very sick and needs a lot more prayers..


Julie's Blog said...

I was so thrilled when I heard this news earlier in the day. I am so proud of Heidi and glad to hear the pumping went well too. All my love

Holly said...

That is such good news that there is improvment! We will keep praying for you three. Heidi I thought 9 pounds 10 oz of baby was a lot to deliver, I can't imagine more than a pound more, and only
2nd degree tears, you go girl. I cannot imagine how hard it must be not holding the baby that you have waited so long for. I pray that God continues to strengthen all of you and fill you with his peace. We will continue to pray for healing for Edmund. Love,

Stephanie said...

Continued in prayer, thanks for the update!

Much love,
The Burtons

Jen said...

Yea!! It is so wonderful to hear about these improvements!

Heidi, you are SUPER WOMAN! It makes me sore just to think about it... you should be so proud of yourself.

Thank you so much for keeping us all posted and I look forward to hearing more as time goes on.

All of my love to you,
Jen Ely