Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Good Night

Edmund had a good night that allowed the nurse to continue to drop his oxygen. He is now at 50%. They also decreased a setting on the ventilator. These are very, very small steps toward a conventional ventilator. Heidi went up during the night and learned that they are having trouble keeping him sedated. They don't know if it is because he is metabolizing it so quickly or because he is so much bigger than they are used to. :-) It isn't a big issue, it is mainly to keep him comfortable and so he won't fight the ventilator.

I just went up less than 30 minutes ago and they were doing a kidney ultrasound. Just want to make sure everything is still good after all the urine. (The nurse said he had a TON last night). I also noticed that he wasn't gripping the gauze pad as tightly. The neurologist said that his baby fists are too tight and it wasn't good so they put little gauze pads in his hands. This morning was the first time I saw his hand opened without help. This could be because he was more sedated...but it could also be that he is relaxing; she said his blood pressure suggested he might be sleeping/resting.

Some friends are trying to work out some housing options for us so we can be closer to the hospital. Heidi is discharged today, but we can stay until tomorrow as 'rooming-in'. Some other friends are taking care of our zoo at home!

Thanks for all the prayers


Michael said...

Father in heaven, please continue to heal Edmund's body. We give you praise for the improvement and thank you for your mercy and goodness. We ask father for your strength for Dennis and Heidi and their families. We pray that they too would rely on you alone and would see their need and reliance on your mercy, just as Edmund is physically, so are all of us spiritually.

Father, your purposes are so beyond our comprehension and we easily question them because of unbelief, guard Dennis and Heidi from unbelief and may they have faith in your future grace even as it is being distributed in little nuggets now. We thank you father and love you. In Christ's name I lift this up.

Anonymous said...

We heard about your baby at College Park. Our family is praying for little Edmund!

Jeremy and Sara said...

Just wanted to let you guys know we are praying for you during this difficult time. Sara Jo & family

dawn said...

Thank you for the privilege of praying for Edmund and the two of you. Our family is lifting you up to our Lord.