Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Long day of weaning.

Edmund has done great weaning off stuff. He is almost completely off dobutamine - which is for his blood pressure. He is barely getting any right now but his blood pressure dips a little when they stop giving it to him... so they'll just have to wait.
They just dropped is nitricoxide to 10ppm (I think I refered to it earlier as nitrogen) at 11 tonight they will drop it to 5ppm, and then drop it 1ppm per hour until he is off it. Then, he will be off that part of the ventilator. He still needs the fance thing to pump the air through and all, but they are going to start weaning that, too. One of the doctors said that he could be off of it by Friday or early next week.
He is still sedated and gets a bit of morophine. His fingers are flexible.

Earlier today he was coming out of sedation and was squriming all over the place. :-) It was adorable! I hope that means good things for his brain.

There are not enough rooms at the hospital for us to room in, so the hospital is going to put us up in a the Marteen house for a night. After that, Heidi and I have a few options but we aren't sure which to pick.

Thanks for continued prayers!
Dennis, Heidi and Edmund!


Anonymous said...

We keep praying!! Wonderful to hear good news today. Praise be to God!!

Love you
Nate, Rachel & Kids

Nancy (Edmund's Proud Aunt) said...

All of our prayers are being heard! Edmund is a strong little guy. I hope he continues to heal as he has so far. What an amazing little boy....and amazing parents. We love you all and continue to pray very hard for all 3 of you. Love Nancy