Saturday, January 3, 2009

We Are Good

Marisol left about 20 minutes ago and her prognosis is that we are all good. She even got excited over some mucus. :-) Heidi has been laboring in her back so she is now on her knees trying to relieve that pressure.

I on the other hand am hungry, have a headache and am tired.

We are progressing well and might be looking at a baby tomorrow!


tippi57 said...

Tomorrow? I just told Nancy today that it would be neat. The baby would be 1-4 and you are 2-4........One more night of waiting and worrying........Give Heidi my love and tell her it will all be worth the pain very soon!!!!

Stephanie said...

Praying you guys through this. Thanks for the updates! Stay strong.

bharber said...

you guys are doing an awesome job!!! hang in will get to meet your precious little gift soon :) it is all totally worth every pain that you are going through - hang in there!