Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We're Rockin' Today - Thank You Doctor, Nurse Jacky, & our Speech Therapist!!!

It's odd. Some days it feels like nothing happens, and some days we just sprint forward. Today is a sprinting day. Edmund had a good night last night, and today his fentanyl drip is gone!!!!! He is ,of course, still on the methadone every 8 hours. Hopefully that will keep the fentynol withdrawal at bay.

He took a bottle of I think 9 ml this morning at his 8 o'clock feeding, and did GREAT. He's usually more awake and alert in the morning, so he does better then. The speech therapist was here to see it this time, and said he did well. Now she's wondering what he'd do with a larger volume - if he'd get into a good rhythm of suck/swallow, giving himself a break inbetween. So if he keeps doing well, I'm sure we'll be able to try a larger volume soon.

His feedings are going to 45ml for 3 feedings and then 50ml after that, so he also gets to go off his lipids today! All that's left is the TPN. Hopefully in a few days, we'll be up to enough milk that he won't need that and can get his PIC line out!!!!:)

Today is exciting. Please pray for Edmund's strength and tolerance as these are a lot of changes for him to adjust to; he's working very hard.

Love to all,
Dennis, Heidi, & Edmund


bharber said...

we'll continue to pray for you guys today...i love getting all of the updates - thanks for keeping us all "in the loop"! - becky

Stephanie said...

This is great news! I'm with Becky- thanks for keeping us posted! Yea! You remain in our prayers.

Madeleine said...

Edmund is a fighter! Thank God for all of the medical - and parental - support he has. We're praying for you!

About Me said...

Yeah - I am so very happy for you and Edmund. He is such a fighter.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Great news.....we continue to pray!

The Hagers