Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Afraid of the Dark at One Month

Yesterday as we were talking to Jacky about coming home, she asked if we had a lamp or something in his room. I was confused, but said yes. She proceeded to explain that he's NEVER been in the dark since birth. He's also never been in absolute silence. Apparently lots of NICU babies don't like the dark and silence at first. It makes sense, and it will be interesting to teach our one month old about day and night:)

Dennis, Heidi, and Edmund


Anonymous said...

On the bright side, if he likes noise he may sleep easier. Heidi most likely remembers this, but Josiah slept in the living room for naps and everything with all the kids playing around him all the time. To this day, he will still fall asleep anywhere when he is tired. Hopefully you have the same kind of success with that. It was a really nice thing.

So glad you are going home! We look forward to talking with you more once you are home.


Don Bartemus said...

Jacky's right...whenever Cheryl wants to make me scream and cry she turns off the light and gets very quiet...still works!