Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Thought the Hard Part was Over

God has recently been teaching me to live in the present. I have a tendency to wish for the next step or stage with a idea in my head that the grass is greener over there. So with that mindset I was certain that everything would be hunky dory when we finally got Edmund home. Mind you, we are immensely grateful to have him home, and he is doing fabulous. As is life however, it's not all peaches and cream.

I had no idea the emotional roller coaster that would hit when we got home. It's like a postpardom time, only he's already a month old. Without giving more information that you'd like to here...Heidi and Edmund had some nursing transitioning to do once we got home. He is doing superb, but Heidi is very sore. With the help and support of our midwives we are making progress. I'm told by many that if I can just get through these first 2 weeks give or take of pain that it will get better. I'm clinging to that and praying it's true. Sometimes I wonder:) Still, God is faithful and has helped me to persevere thus far. Please pray for continued perseverence and dependence on God through this time.

Dennis and I are also struggling with the lack of sleep. Thankfully, Edmund sleeps well at night in between feedings and last night slept for 4 hours straight. I got up this morning to nurse him, but he just feel back asleep for another few hours. Still, neither of us function well on a lack of sleep. We start oversleeping and in general melt down.

It's odd. Usually just one of us is extremely emotional and exhausted at once. We often say, "It's my turn." and rely on the other for support. In this case, we're just both drained and often don't know how to support each other.

This too shall pass, and as mentioned above, God is teaching me to be thankful for the moments we're in, instead of wishing them away for what will be.

We covet your continued prayers. To God be the Glory; Great is His Faithfulness (Btw, I can rarely sing Great is Thy Faithfulness without crying. Throughour this last month my eyes have been opened to how true this is!)

Dennis, Heidi, and Edmund

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