Saturday, May 9, 2009

Edmund's New (and Old) Things

Quick update on Edmund.
  • He's been rolling over for a couple weeks now. Of course he's like his mother and tackles the hardest first and somehow more easily. So he loves to roll from back to tummy but usually can't figure out how to return to his back. So after after a bit he gets mad. He also sometimes manages to either spin or scoot a little. This means more time on the floor to work on moving and more frequent vacuuming for mommy so Edmund doesn't come up looking like we just adopted another animal:)
  • He now loves to help mommy type so I loose stuff frequently as he somehow manages to send me to a new page before I'm done. Save often if possible!:)
  • His laugh has really developed and is hysterical when he gets going. He gets pretty quiet when we're around new people though. He just stares at them and soaks it all in.
  • The other day I noticed he would stick out his tongue when I did. That night he and daddy started using their tongues to blow bubbles or raspberries or spit at each other. Edmund seems to be having fun developing that skill. It's funny how there are so many things we get so excited about when their this little...then we spend the rest of their lives teaching them not to do those things:) Ah, infant discoveries!
  • We just recently adjusted his diapers to the next biggest size. It's fun to see how that works even though it's not a big deal at all:)
  • He still sleeps GREAT at night and will now go down in the evening at 9ish, which gives us a little time as a couple. He has not completely got a napping schedule during the day, but I can't complain!
  • Oh! For the past few weeks we would regularly notice a small spot of blood on his shirt always in the same spot. I would check him over and could NOT figure out where it was coming from. Finally we narrowed down that it must be coming from his nipple. We asked his dr about it at his 4 month check-up. He had fun digging through his medical books to figure it out. Apparently it's Mammory Duct Ectasia (sp?). Baiscally it's just a benign inflamation of some sort. It should stop in a few months. There are things we could test for but they're so impossible and improbably that the good Dr. says we won't mess with that unless it doesn't go away. We LOVE our pediatrician. Thank you Mary for reccomending him! I'm getting an article about it from the dr so if there are science minded ones of you out there, I can pass the article along.
I think that's most of the news. He's doing GREAT!

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