Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of Mice and Men Chapter 1

So far I know we are in California during the great depression. George and Lennie are walking down the road to another ranch. They're walking because the driver wouldn't take them all the way and was decietful about how far down the road the ranch actually was. George seems much more like the brains of the operation. I'm not sure yet why he keeps Lennie around; doesn't sound like they are related since they don't have the same aunt. Lennie apparently like to pet fuzzy things like dead mice. (It was funndy to watch Lennie manipulate George over the whole 'my life would be better without you' discussion by getting George to say Lennie could have a dog; Lennie kept working it for more.) He must like texture or something because he tried touching some lady's dress and she freaked out. That is actually why they had to leave their old jobs; they hid in some irrigation thing from the guys at their old job. George keeps practicing with Lennie what he is supposed to do when they get to the new ranch. It is strange that Lennie can't remember to keep his mouth shut but he remembers their dream. It seems they have a desire to own a house on a ranch with a cow, pigs and tons of multicolored rabbits. Maybe this is what keeps them going through this hardship... eating beans and all.
I would have to say I'm more like George. I've always been caring for others since I was young. Even in high school my group of friends said I was like the dad of the group because I would always get napkins and straws for everyone at Wendy's... or I'd always question if what we were doing was safe, or remind people to buckle their seatbelts. My profession as a teacher is a little more "George-like" too. I'm always after my kids, trying to get them to do the right stuff.
On to chapter 2.

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