Thursday, November 29, 2007

WAHOO! Electricity bill goes down!

In our "green" readings, we've learned that an average of 25% of most people's electricity bill is "phantom power". Phantom power is all the stuff that is actually still on when we turn it off, like microwaves, most tvs, dvd players, and other sound equipment. Basically anything that has a clock or a little light (like the standby light on the power button) even when it's turned off is constantly using electricity. You can either unplug those things or put them on a power strip that you can switch off when it's not in use (we did that with our microwave). We were anxious to see if it would affect our bill because we don't have a lot of stuff like that. Our bill went from $72.22 to $57.28 And that's with it being dark so much more and needing more lights! I'm anxious to see if we can get it down more by being more and more in the habit of switching things off when they're not in use or not even turning some of them on as often:)


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