Monday, December 10, 2007

It Is Getting Difficult!

We put off getting a Christmas Tree for a while because we didn't want to spend $75.00-$100.00 on a cruddy tree. So, Sunday morning, while I was sleeping in, Heidi cut the tree down in the front yard. We wanted to get rid of it anyway, but now we have a good use for it. So it is now our tree! :-) As you can see, there isn't much room at the top; I actually had to cut a few more inches off so we could stand it up.
It has been getting a little disappointing to see how much of American social life revolves around spending money. We are having to make the tough decision of spending money on eating out or possibly isolating ourselves from friends. So that is a little harder than I thought. :-/
We are anticipating a great Christmas at our home. It will be a wonderful time to relax and bring in the new year.


Dale Waite said...

I thing what you and Dennis is a good idea in principle but remember life is not just about not spending money, or seeing what you can do without. Life is to be enjoyed also with fulfillment coming from walking in step with Christ. We can spend so much time concentrating on not spending or buying and get caught up in living a very legalistic lifestyle. I think life is to be lived out with balance. If you say you are never going to eat out, you must leave open the option of taking someone out for lunch if the Lord brings someone along your path that you need to seat down and talk with or maybe that person just needs a meal and can't aford to pay for his meal. We just need to remember to keep our eyes focused on Christ and he will lead us in the path that we should go.

elderberry said...

Where are you???? I have been checking on your progress and you seem to have quit. I am curious to hear the latest