Monday, January 21, 2008

Into the New Year

It seems we survived the holiday shopping maddness. We really do enjoy giving gifts to others but this year it seem especially important to try to give more thoughtful gifts. We got a few things that seemed more 'requirements' than expressions of thought or love. But I guess that's what consumerisitic christmas is all about.

I heard, in more fundamental circles, that we should remember the 'reason for the season.' If thats the case, then what is the deal with all the presents?? They really don't have much to do with the Gospels.

I love giving gifts to people - I especially love it when they like it...when I was able to find something they enjoyed and thought was thoughtful. So, we are going to try to stick with birthday gifts this year. Not sure where that tradition came from, but it is fun to celebrate those special days. The gifts may not be made in China or be expensive, but if the global economy keeps up its pains we won't be able to afford these expensive traditions much longer.

I came across a website called "The Story of Stuff" I was so SHOCKED to find that 99% of the stuff consumers buy ends up in the trash within 6 months. So by July of 08, most of the gifts given will be broke or just trashed. The website has an amazing 20 minute video on the consumption cycle. Check it out:

Heidi is taking a grad class at IUPUI this semester -which isn't good for the 'not spending' because Long's Bakery is near the campus. Why else would you go downtown but for a donuts? So, we've had temporary lapeses of donuts indulgences. Its a process! :-) We aren't being super legalistic about the whole thing - it is still a fun experiment.

Lovin' our library, too. Our $30.00 in property taxes is well spent on books, CDs, and DVDs!! Almost free entertainment.

Oh - and we are getting a free piano. There is not cost, but we have to rent a truck to get it. Happy Birthday, Heidi.

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