Thursday, April 3, 2008


I believe God is teaching me to be content, believe it or not. It isn't so much about our material goods - it is more about our situation in life.

Heidi and I had very high goals of getting rid of student loans and other debt before we started a family. Ideally, we'd like to live off of one income. The past choices we've made have prevented us from doing that as of yet. However, we both feel that God is getting our hearts in this. See, when we made all these goals, we set out the plans and didn't really consult God much. Now I don't believe God is in heaven with a giant magnifying glass burning us with the sun... but I do believe that we were not trusting Him in this whole process of getting out of debt and not spending - and it was showing.

Every month we thought we'd have some great sum of money to save or pay things off... but as life would have it, it didn't happen. Some big bill came up or we'd have to fix something. S0 even though we aren't buying anything, it is almost like we're still shopping. (not really, but you get the idea.)

It kind of hit us one day: "Oh yeah, we didn't ask God about this."

I started to feel this relief! I've been working my butt off for about two years to get out of debt in a timely fashion but my plans always got messed up. It was like God was smacking me in the head each month when I'd look a Quicken saying, "You think you're gonna do this without Me? I can help...just include me."

So we aren't expecting that our debt is going to disappear (although that would be cool) but, as we come off our consumption binge, we are learning to surrender it to God so that we can't say "look what we did."

God is good! I am bless.

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