Thursday, April 3, 2008


I guess it has been about five to six months since we've started the 'not buying' trend. Donuts are still my downfall, but what can you do? Recently, I found myself obsessing over some articles of clothing I would like to acquire. My wife was strong and told me "no!" After the intensity died down, I was able to see she was right.

Listen to me! I sound like a recovering addict.

I guess I am.

We are down to one cell phone now, which is saving us about $25.00 a month. We recently disconnected the internet home, so there is another $45.00. This weekend we are going to surrender our previous dog, Macey, to a rescue (not to save money - it is other dog conflicts) That will be about $70.00 a month in food and care. We are also looking to get rid of our Vue and get something that would take our car payment and gas to about 1/2 of what it is now... that would be about $300 in savings there. So, without even trying, we're close to not spending another $440.00 a month. (which will make up for the rent when our boarder relocates at the end of this month).

As with all addictions, another opiate always shows itself. It seems I have taken to binging on food. We are both working very hard to limit our portion sizes and eat only when we are hungry, not eating for comfort.

Literally, I feel like I'm in rehab or something!

Heidi has had a lot of convictions on the foods we eat lately, so we've been eating even more fresh foods and less meats. The problem: Organics are expensive. However, this will work out in the end. Because we are spending so much more money on organic and whole foods, we decided that we are getting the necissary nutrients from the foods we eat. So, we will not be reodering several of our usual Shaklee vitamins. We're going to stick with Alfalfa and the B-complex...the rest we are sure we're getting from our food. We still believe in the products, but we don't need them since we have changed our diet so much. (so you can still order from us, if you like!) :-)

It's kind of boring when you don't buy things... there is no where to go.

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