Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The boy keeps going

My boy keeps fighting and is still doing well. He hasn't had to go back on any blood pressure medicine and is also doing well on the ventilator, which is being decreased! Still no word on the heart scan - we'll probably know more offical stuff later.
Heidi is having great success pumping - he will have plenty to eat when he can. Please pray that we'll be able to nurse when all this is over. She is napping right now at his side.

Dennis, Heidi and Edmund


Nancy (Edmund's Proud Aunt) said...

All of the prayers have changed our little Edmunds' life forever! It is so joyous to hear how well he is doing. We love him so much. I wish i could be there every day to see him but since i can't these updates are wonderful. Thanks for letting us in on every little update. Still praying to hear great news on the heart scan. Love you abd Heidi, Nancy

tippi57 said...

These updates are just the best. I find myself not wanting to do much besides pray and look for updates. My Grandson is a toughie!

Amy said...

Isn't it amazing what little fighters these babies can be!? We are so happy to read your updates and see the progress he has made! Keep fighting Edmund!

Amy and Ava Brandau

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!! We are off to piano and Awana, what a great update to leave on!! We will share the news at church with the many people lifting Edmund up to our Faithful Father on your behalf.

I found a hangman today that the kids were playing last had 3 hangmans on it 1) I love you 2) Aunt Heidi 3)I love Edmund (sorry Dennis...since Heidi lived with us, there's a huge attachment there...but they love you to).

We love all 3 of you! Keep going Edmund!!

The Hagers

Waterlilly said...

I keep checking for news here every time I sit down! God bless you all.

In Him, Lucy

Anonymous said...

It so hard to watch you both go through this journey and not be able to help you due to distance. We will continue to pray and watch for updates.
Luv LeAnna and Peter

midwifemomma said...

Heidi and Dennis,

I am checking in every couple of hours. I miss you both and am praying for your beautiful Edmund almost constantly. God is so good!

I would like to come visit tomorrow if that is alright. tell me what would be the best time for you all between 9 & 1 and what I can bring you all.

Much Love, Brandi