Wednesday, January 7, 2009

....scan again in a month....

"We will have to scan his kidneys again in about a month" said the doctor! :-)

So we went from doctors talking about him living in now having scans again in a month!!!

He is doing pretty well off the dobutamine (blood pressure medicine). He is still on is sedation stuff - fetynal or something like that. But he is being weaned off of that, too!! He still gets hydocortizone for his heart.... They are going to start weaning more oxygen and nitratoxide!!! and they are still turning down other settings on the ventilator.

The heart scanner person was here a about an hour ago. She said that it looked a lot better but that we'd have to wait for the cardiologist to read it...which could be as late as 4pm.

the doctor told us that he might be able to have some of Heidi's milk in a few days! Heidi and I got to see him squirming around a BUNCH today. He even opened both eyes a little bit!!! He keeps trying to grab the tubes in his mouth and likes to suck on the tubes. He squished his faced all up like he was going to cry, too!

I found out from our nurse today that there are over 65 babies in the NICU here...they all need your prayers.

Also, Heidi and I might be returning home tonight. We are not sure. The doctor said that 'medically speaking' we can go home because he is stable enough. Also, we don't have the cell phone with his in the NICU - I only checked it every few hours. If you'd like to visit, we will be in the NICU. Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers!!!

Dennis, Heidi and Edmund

(BTW, the doctor said the ultra sound of his bladder and kidneys was good. The kidneys have something in them but she said it is nothing to worry about and usually goes away on its own...thats why we'll need to scan again in a month or so!) :-)


tippi57 said...

Praise God Praise God!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are so excited. Micah said this morning, "He'll be going to Aunt Heidi's house at some point, right." To which Noah responded, "Yes, they will be home sometime!". What faith of children....we are praying and our God is faithful no matter the outcome!! But, we are so thankful for Edmund's progress!!

We love you and cry tears of joy with you from a distance!

Rachel & family

Chris Hubbard said...

Praise God! Great News!

Michelle said...

We are so excited to hear of baby Edmund's progress. Lots of prayers going up for this precious little one - May God be praised!

Jessica said...

So glad to hear good new again too. The Lord is sure watching over Edmund. Still praying!!!

MELISSA said...

That is awesome news! And a great testimony that prayer changes things!

Jen said...

YEA!!! I have tears of joy! What wonderful news!! :)


Anonymous said...

Dennis and Heidi- I have been and will keep praying. . . I'm glad to hear that he's improving! Love, Andy Abernethy

wifey said...

Such encouraging news! We are praying.

Aimee & the kiddos

Judy said...

Oh Dennis..I was so thrilled to read this last update...I have been reading and praying and reading and praying since the moment I heard Heidi was in labor....and after Edmund was born I sent requests to everyone I knew to pray all around the world...I am so happy to hear he is getting better with each prayer...take care and keep Aunt Judy

Judy said...
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