Monday, January 19, 2009

Can't We All Just Play Together?

It's Monday which means a new doctor, and like us, she is wondering why he isn't on a bottle (she had put him on one bottle a day when she was his doctor last weekend, Jan 10-11). His main nurse, Jacky, was wondering the same thing. So the exciting news is that our team this week sounds a little more aggressive than last week and will push to see what our little Edmund can do. He needs to be able to start working on and getting used to having to suck & swallow to get food. The speech therapist is here now and she, Jacky, and the doc have decided to give him a bottle of just 5ml to see what he does...

His fentanyl will continue to be weaned .5 every other day. It's hard to be patient, but when it gets this low, it does have to be that slow. Even going that slow, there will be a little withdrawal. So, Lord willing, his withdrawal won't be too bad and he'll be off the fentanyl on Saturday.

Unfortunately, Jacky says we'll probably be here for at least 2 more weeks before he's feeding at the point where he's ready to go home:( That's hard, but I suppose it just gives us that much more time to lean on God's strength and be patient for His timing:)

Dennis, Heidi & Edmund


Madeleine said...

Hi Swenders,

Hurry up and wait? Sounds like you're on a film or TV set.

Patience has yet to be a real virtue of mine, and God reminds me daily that I need to acquire the discipline to have it. Though our situations are obviously very different, I can relate to feeling impatient.

On the flip side, I'm thankful that you live in a country that has the medical knowledge, equipment and professionals to help babies get better.

tippi57 said...

I am glad Jacky is back with Edmund. There was something about her that I really liked, guess it was her compassion and honesty. I know it's hard but just hang in there,Edmund will be home soon! Found out today that prayers are also going up from Monticello Emergency, where Carole P. works.
Give my Superman a hug!