Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait Part 45

Unfortunately I am starting to get impatient! Edmund is doing so well but the weaning process off the fentnyol is VERY slow. We might be here another week just getting off of that stuff. His feedings have been upped to 30 CCs every 3 hours and his Gatorade in a bag has been decreased. The docs still won't let him go to a bottle because they say his suck-swallow-breath reflex is not working that well (one nurse told us it could be because of the medicine he is on.) It is very difficult to be patient with everything, considering he is doing so well. I (we) are tired of being at the hospital and would like to take him home. I guess we have to count our blessings because there are several babies around us that won't get to go home for several weeks or months. Heidi has had some good success with the nonnutritive feedings - hopefully he will continue to figure it all out.

The little rascal has already outgrown newborn and stage 1 diapers. I went to Whole Foods today and picked up a pack of level 2 Seventh Generation diapers. I'm not sure I am totally in love with them but we'll see. Some more cloth diapers are on their way soon but we probably won't be able to use them until we leave the hospital.

We made it to church this morning just a little bit late...but it was so good to be there. Mark is preaching on Job - the main topic being suffering in life. What a timely message!

Well, we might try to leave a little early tonight!
The Swenders


Auntie Nancy said...

AWE!!!!! He is so cute! Dennis, you really never were the patient type when it came to getting gifts (haha) and Edmund is definitely a gift from above!!! Hard to believe he is two weeks old already. Probably seems longer to you since you have spent it all at the hospital. Just try to be patient, he will be home in no time at all!!!
Love ya, Nancy

Patience Hisey said...

Our prayers have been with you from the beginning. I am glad that things are going so well. God is awesome and will provide you both with the strength and courage to face everything. I have put your family on our prayer list at Hazel Dell.
Love, Patience and Family