Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Edmund has a good night

Edmund had a good easy night. The nurse just took him off the dobutamine and he seems to be keeping his blood pressure up. He heart rate was around 100 when we came in today but the nurse said it isn't something to worry about because they don't know really what his baseline heart rate is. He got new tubes in his airway last night and looks a lot more comfortable. The RT lowered a setting on the ventilator and his NO setting to 3.3 ppm. His blood gasses seem to be doing well.

Sometime today he will have his heart scan. Please, please, please pray that there is no damage - or it is at least something that can be treated. When he got here they said it was only 20% of the heart was functioning. Please pray!

Hopefully he progresses off the more stuff today! Thanks for your prayers and support!
Dennis, Heidi and Edmund


Julie's Blog said...

Sending my love your way - I am so glad to hear of the improvements Edmund has already made. Today I will be pray pray praying for his little bitty heart that God will have healed it.

Grace and Peace

AB said...

Chip and I prayed for you guys this morning, good to know he's doing better!


bharber said...

we will be praying for edmund's little heart today...and may God continue to grant you all strength and endurance!


Greg Pilcher said...

We are praying for you Edmund, Dennis & Heidi. Joshua 1:8-9.
Greg Pilcher