Saturday, January 24, 2009

Education vs. Medicine

So I have decided that education and medicine have a lot of similarities. Education, in my experience, tends not to have a holistic view of students and makes blanket statements based on 'research' instead of looking at individuals. Education has several mandates, state and federal, made by people who don't know a thing about being in a classroom or who've only worked in theory not in practice. Educational institutions have to run by policies that were set in place because 1 or 2 people messed up with something and liability became too great; sometimes the policies are so outdated that they are stopping progress.
Medicine has a holistic view but the communication between specialists is limited such that some specialties don't seem to understand what the other specialties are doing and what implications that may have on the results of treatments. Medicine obviously has mandates from state and federal agencies...and insurance companies. So the holistic view or individuality of the patient seem to be disregarded to follow policy, fear of malpractice, or something the insurance company wants to see in order to keep paying. Medicine has good infection control policies but force incredible waste of medical supplies - costing lots - which might stop progress.
So I am waiting for the Big Picture Company to open a clinic! :-) We (Big Picture Advisors) try to reform education "one student at a time." So, maybe Doc could start reforming medicine one patient at a time.
To sum up my thoughts - we have had incredible medical care providers: great doctors and great nurses. They are functioning in a system that governs a lot of what they do - but the individuals we've interacted with have been great. Much is the same for education; the individuals working within the institutions are great but still have the institution to answer to.

So today, Edmund got his picline out of his head! So that means he is not getting any fluids or anything extra...only breast milk. His nurse, Breanna (Jacky Jr.), made great arguments that it needed to be why change it today if it was going to be taken out tomorrow. Dr. DeSanto is still trying to make progress with feedings and all. We REALLY hope we got Dr. Wittman next week. (pray for that) Heidi and I are going home early tonight to get some things done and enjoy time together. We think this is our first attempt at being a God centered home rather than a child-centered home (thank you, John, for pre-marital counseling) :-)

Dennis, Heidi and Edmund


Anonymous said...

If you didn't want your home to be "child centered" than why did you have one?

Dr.Kristin said...

Anonymous- highly inappropriate comment. You can keep your child's needs in high priority and be responsive to their needs and emotions and still keep your relationship with God and spouse as #1 and #2. It is possible to create spousal intimacy while creating attachment with your child. And both parents keeping God in charge is the way to accomplish that.

I think Dennis and Heidi deserve to go home a little early once in a while. If they don't rest, they can't be everything Edmund needs.

Please know their hearts before you make such a comment.