Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finding the Right Pediatrician and Therapists...

We have a little ways to go yet before we're home and then off to doctors visits, but it's on our minds nonetheless, and we're hoping for a little help from our Indianapolis "family". Originally we were going to just take Edmund to a family practice doctor for check-ups and such because some pediatricians get a little overboard with what babies "should" be doing at certain ages. However, because of everything Edmund has been through, the Neo doctors have suggested that we do have a pediatrician. So the search is on.

We'd like a doctor who's had some experience working with NICU babies and can help manage and be the "head" doctor so to speak in working with the many other people Edmund will also be seeing, such as the neurologist, occupational and/or physical therapist, chiropractor, etc. We want to make sure everyone Edmund sees is working together toward the same goals and not counteracting one another. We'd also like someone who is open to discussion concerning omitting some vaccines and doing the others on a delayed schedule. Also, we'd like a pediatrician who's flexible with various parents styles and won't adamantly tell us how to parent by saying things like, "Stop rocking him to sleep at night. He should be learning to sleep on his own by now."

Here at the hospital we've also been put in touch with First Steps, a program that will connect us with occupation, physical, and speech therapists. At first he'll probably just need an OT or PT. If you know of any therapist working with this program in Hamilton County that you'd highly recommend or ideas of what to look for, we'd love some suggestions as we will soon begin paperwork for that and eventually be choosing a therapist(s) to work with.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. We know there are many wonderful health care professionals here in central Indiana and are hoping you all can help us find the ones that will be the best fit for Edmund. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Dennis, Heidi, and Edmund

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Anonymous said...

We've taken Isak to Dr. Boyce (I think his first name is Thomas) at Hazel Dell Pediatrics. They're located off Hazel Dell Road just north of 131st Street. Everyone there has been really nice. I don't know about NICU experience, but he's always answered our concerns and talked about Isak's development in a way that we like. We had no idea who to choose either when Isak was first born - one of my OB's recommended him, but we're very happy with our choice. He's probably in his 30's, so we're glad he's not "old school." Carmen & Keith