Friday, January 9, 2009

No Ventilator!!!!

This is our boy without tubes in his mouth! He is still getting some oxygen but he might even be off of that soon!
He had a great night and even are taking is fetynal down to 4.5!

We are thrilled!!!!!


Holly said...

WOW! His progress is amazing. There is no doubt this is truly a miracle. I am so happy he is doing so well. He is so cute, tubeless is definately a better look for him :)

Chip said...

He's looking great! Sarah and I are praying for all of you!

Jen said...

What wonderful news!!! :) I'm so happy!! (Look at those cheeks! Adorable!!)

Elaine Hager said...

How wonderful!!! Our prayers have been answered. God's blessings are truly amazing. He is beautiful. Lots of love and hugs

Elaine Hager

Amanda said...

Sweet boy! We are continually amazed at his progress and HIS faithfulness!!!

Amanda Huron

Anonymous said...

We are thrilled!!! Praise God!! We have concluded here that he looks A LOT like Noah....and Noah looks a lot like Heidi.

Love you All!!
Rachel, and family , and Mom (Vicky)

tippi57 said...

He is just so adorable!

Melissa said...

What a miraculous quick recovery Edmund is making. What a thrill to be able to hold him again. Thanks for keeping your blog so current. Big brother blocked out your site at work, so I have to wait until I get home each day to check his progress. Hopefully you will all be home soon.