Thursday, January 8, 2009


Edmund was just put on a conventional ventilator!!! He is doing really well on it, too! This will allow the nurses to move him around a lot more to help break up stuff in his lungs and help the swelling due to the fluids!

He made a stool last night!!!! Dr. Wittman said that she can hear bowel sounds, which is good! He might be able to have some colostrum as early as Friday!!

Edmund will be getting hydrocortizone for a few more days for his heart...and probably will be getting the antibiotics through the weekend, or at least as long as the catheter is in.

Heidi and I can't overstimulate him...which means less touching... but we are okay because it means quicker healing! He is such a big baby that if he gets overstimulated he can pull the tubes out of his mouth (which he already did once)

Praise God,
Dennis, Heidi and Edmund


Anonymous said...

Great News!! The kids and I check all the time and we had much rejoicing at reading this e-mail!! We will continue to pray and trust God.

Love you
Rachel & Family

Lei said...

How can one not believe in our Lord and saviour after witnessing such things?!!?

Sandra said...

I don't know you, however I am great friends with Tonya. We grew up together!! She gave me this website and Ive been checking daily on you all. Today I got a bit choked up at the thought of how AWESOME our GOD is!! How he can do ANYTHING POSSIBLE!! Praise be to GOD for the improvments your little guy is making.

Waterlilly said...

We are so thankful for this latest news!

Love in Christ, Lucy and David

tippi57 said...

Guess who went out shopping for her little Superman! I am so excited about all the great news.
Thank you to all for your prayers, please continue to pray.
the Granny

Anonymous said...

Heidi and Dennis,
So glad to hear the good news. Edmund is quite the fighter! I know you will be able to hold him soon. We have been really praying for you.
Brittany & Gregg Susnik

Anonymous said...

I am writing on Scotts page. I have been thinking about you three all the time and sending you my love and prayers. I am SOOOOOO glad Edmond is feeling better!!!!

Much love,

at the Met

Anonymous said...

Dennis and Heidi,
We are praying for you and little Edmund. He's making such GREAT progress. What a miracle he is from God.
Bob and Sherrie