Friday, January 16, 2009

Ouch - His Head...

Now the waiting just seems to be getting annoying. We really want his Fentynol to keep coming down regularly but they want to go slow. He is down to 2.0.
His feedings happen every 3 hours and have been increased to 25cc (30cc is an ounce). His bowels are moving slowly, but he apparently had some good movement right before they put a thing in his head. He also seems to do well with some nonnutritive nursing.
The speech therapist is thrilled with his progress with his mouth movements. The PT and OT have given us a few exercises to practice with him... like supporting his shoulder blades so his hands are forced to go over his chest. They would like to see everything mid-lined or something like that...
They took the tube out of his bellybutton and wanted to put a new 'picline' in his arm, but he is too chubby so they had to put it in through his head. Didn't know that could happen! :-) Looks painful but they gave him some pain killers. Now he can wear some clothes! :-)

I will be headed back to the Met on Tuesday but hope to take another day or two off when Edmund gets to come home.

Dennis, Heidi and Edmund


Madeleine said...

I just read the whole blog from beginning to your last update. Edmund is a miracle. God is amazing. I'm praying for all of you.

tippi57 said...
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Anonymous said...

Haven't been able to check in in a few days but it looks like Edmund is doing great.

Luv LeAnna