Thursday, January 15, 2009

Slow Going

Not much news today. Edmund is doing great off his oxygen. Fentynol is still at 2.5, but should get lowered again tomorrow.

Last night Edmund started getting fed every 3 hours instead of every 4. He currently gets 20ml per feeding. Hopefully tomorrow he'll be able to move up on that; it just takes time for his body to adjust to digesting food. He's only getting fed through a feeding tube, but Mommy has adjusted her pumping schedule so that when he eats he can try non-nutritive sucking. Basically, I try to be fairly empty so he can try sucking without getting to overwhelmed. Plus, they have to make sure he knows how to close off his airway so we don't get any fluid down the wrong pipe!

In the mean time, Edmund has enjoyed listening to music, having Daddy read him The Magician's Nephew, and being held as much as possible:) Grandma got to hold him before she had to go home too!


Nancy said...

How sweet! I have to admit I am jealous I have not gotten to hold the little sweetie yet!!!! Grandma looks so happy!

Lei said...

Hey I know that lady!!! he looks content with grammy! he just seems to be a laid back kind of guy.