Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pictures of Prince Edmund

Edmund with my horse from when I was a baby and a little angel gift from my parents.

Heidi Reading to Edmund.

Edmund made even more progress getting off the ventilator this evening
Heidi and I will be staying at our home. We will have our cell phone but can't take it into the NICU so we may not get your calls until afterwards. If you do want to visit, go directly to the NICU at St. Vicent's and pick up the phone outside the doors and ask for the Swenders.
We need some sleep! Goodnight!
Dennis, Heidi and Edmund

MORE Picture here:


Nancy (Edmund's Proud Aunt) said...

Glad to hear the transition went well! He is absolutely beautiful!!!! We will continue to pray that his brain has no damage. He is in God's hands....what wonderous works He has done already in our sweet baby!
Love you all, The Koedykers

gatiss.1 said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm glad that you got such good news yesterday about Edmund's heart. I'll keep hoping for more good news when they can get him in for the MRI.