Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Morning Report

We had great news when we walked in a few minutes ago to see little Edmund... He is off 1/2 of the ventilator... the part that gave him concentrated oxygen and the NO (nitra..oxide something) is GONE! He is still on the oscillator which makes him wiggle! Hopefully the settings on that will get lower and lower so he can go on to a conventional ventilator.

We have to take it easy on him today because they he is still heavily sedated and they want to really start weaning him off the fetonyal stuff. So, less hand touching today, but thats okay! One less drug he'll be on.

Thanks for your prayers!
Dennis, Heidi and Edmund


gatiss.1 said...
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gatiss.1 said...

That is more good news. NO is nitric oxide. It's a vasodilator; it makes the blood vessels open up so the heart doesn't have to work as hard against the resistance of the arteries while it's pumping. The nitrates that some people with heart problems take work on the same principle.

It's good news that Edmund's heart can support his body on more normal terms without the help of the drug.

That's my chemistry lesson for today. :-)

Michael said...

Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Heidi!! It is good to hear how good Edmund is doing. I liked seeing the pictures of Edmund this morning.

I love you and Edmund and Uncle Dennis very much.

Love Your Buddy