Monday, January 12, 2009

Preliminary MRI Results

Once again, God has worked a miracle! The doctor says that there seems to be no tissue damage from lack of oxygen which is shocking considering his story!! It was very much like when we heard the results of his heart echo. Things seem pretty normal. There's no human explanation, but they're normal. There is a little blood between the hemispheres of his brain, probably from the CPR, but that shouldn't be a problem. We'll go over the MRI results in more detail tomorrow, and this still doesn't tell us everything. Developmentally we'll have to wait see, but the fact that there doesn't seem to be any visible damage is AMAZING!! We are overwhelmed by the grace God has shown Edmund throughout this journey!

In other news, Edmund has slept most of the day today. Apparently he wore himself kicking and screaming because he didn't like the noise of the MRI. He did manage to take a full bottle at 6:00 today which is also encouraging. When his sucking is stronger, he'll be able to start nursing.

We'll probably be here at the hospital for at least another week. Edmund has come so far and has so little left to do, but it still takes time. It'll be a few days before he'll be on enough milk to not need the other nutrition he's getting intravenously, and he still has to wean slowly off the fentynol so he doesn't go into withdrawal. Also, he's needs to transition to nursing.

Praise God,
Dennis, Heidi and Edmund


Waterlilly said...

How exciting - what a miracle baby little Edmund is!

tippi57 said...

Praise God for our Miracle Edmund!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful! Hope everything continues to go smoothly. Please keep us posted with any more info from the doctors. I don't blame him for squirming- the MRI is a noisy test... like jackhammers going off all around you. He's a trooper!