Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We Are Not Out Of The Woods Yet

This morning we got to see the MRI results. The doctor told us there is no damage that they see, however, brain damage can sometimes take almost 6 months to show up on an MRI.

Even though he has made incredible progress, there are still a lot of things he needs to do to heal and develop. He had occupational and physical therapists checking him out this morning. They are currently concerned that he still seems stiff in some of his movements as well as how he holds his hands. The doctor confirmed this and added that his suck and gag reflexes are not in sync. So we are going to have to take a break from bottles. However, the lacatation people are here to help Heidi do non-nutritive sucking so he doesn't have to coordinate suck, swallow, breathe.

It looks like he will be in the NICU for a while yet. A social worker stopped by to discuss insurance stuff already - that was just so much fun. It also looks like we will be in for a lot of future doctor's appointments, scans, PTs and OTs and more. Not sure how we are going to manage all that, but God has gotten us this far, so why not a little farther. Same thing with Edmund healing - God has allowed for so much healing...why not a little more.

Please continue to keep is in your prayers because we still have a very long journey ahead...especially Edmund.

Dennis, Heidi and Edmund


tippi57 said...

He is one tough little guy to get this far. He is definately holding onto God's Hand. Prayers for all of you.

Jessica said...

We will keep praying for Him. I am so glad that we all serve a God that loves us and is powerful and can do anything!!

Anonymous said...

God is incredibly faithful and full of mercy! We are trusting Him to hold Edmund in His hands and heal his little body. You are both in our prayers daily, Dennis and Heidi. We love you all--Rusty & Mary

Anonymous said...

The staff at EHS continues to pray for you and keep you all in our thoughts. We praise God for all the progress that little Edmund has made! I pray for your strength as parents, knowing you'll never be the same-you will be so much stronger! And what incredible strength you are exhibiting now. Wow! Michelle

tippi57 said...

I posted this for Denise from Ohio:

I tried to log onto Dennis's site, and was not able to leave a comment, altho I was able to read his updates. Please tell them they are in my prayers....as are you....and so is Baby Edmund. Somehow...God willing....you will all get thru all of this.

Brandon & GFCC said...

We will be continuing to pray for you. Know that you will be rewarded for your astonishing faith!



Michael said...

Still praying for you guys. I don't have your phone # anymore so if you get a chance to call (not that you have a ton of free time) feel free. We'll catch up some day soon.

By Grace,

Mike and Amanda

Don Bartemus said...

College Park Church is your family and will stand with you through this. We believe in you and we believe in God! Look how much prayer has already gone to the throne of Grace because of Edmund! Keep Rockin"!

Don B.