Friday, January 30, 2009

Steady Feedings

The doctor really is trying to get us home by next Wednesday! Edmund is now doing on demand feeding. He likes to snack, which is really annoying for Heidi, but at least he is eating. He is scheduled to be off of the methadone by Sunday... If he can nurse and gain weight for a few days then he can come home! It will have been a month since he's been there.

Heidi and I really need rest! We are sleeping through alarms and I'm dozing while driving sometimes. I know the first few months are hectic without a hospital stay but at least we'll be at home and can rest quicker in-between feedings and all.

Better get back to work!

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Anonymous said...

wow!! sounds great, Swender's.... what a gift to be a family!! we'll be praying all goes smoothly and quickly...I guess a month's not so 'quick', is it?? :) but what a miracle God has and is continuing to work before our eyes in sweet little Edmund.
will and jamie