Friday, January 30, 2009

Still We're Working On the Food....

Edmund is doing GREAT! Last night he took 2 full bottles. I'm assuming he ripped out his feeding tube again, and so far he hasn't had to get a new one in! We're praying he continues to take his bottles well when we're not here. Heidi is still nursing when she is here, and Edmund continues to improve each day. Heidi continues to utilize the help of the lactation consultants, as she knows soon she will be home and not have an army of specialized consultants to call whenever she has a little question:) They have been VERY helpful.

Today Edmund's methadone was weaned to once per day. As long as he does well on that, he should be able to go off it completely either tomorrow or Sunday.

As long as he continues to eat well and gain weight, I can't see why we won't make it home by Wednesday or sooner for that matter, but I think my mindset is slightly different than the doctors:)

Oh, and we're still on the search for a pediatrician. I have a lead on one. Otherwise, we're still considering just taking him to our family practice doctor.

Dennis, Heidi, and Edmund

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Don Bartemus said...

I know a good pediatrician - Dr. Peter Skafish. Used to attend our church years ago. Don