Friday, March 13, 2009

How time flies

I'm not even sure what to share. On Wednesday, we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. Sometimes we think, "Wow, three years," but mostly we think, "Really only 3 years." It just feels like we've known each other and been together so much longer than that. It's been a fabulous 3 years and we look forward to many more. We dined at Kincaid's, which I'd been wanting to try for awhile. It was good, but I've got to say not worth the prices. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing...Regardless, we had a lovely time and then came home and watched a movie. I told Edmund it's the only anniversary dinner he'll probably get to join us on because in the future he'll be old enough to leave with a sitter:)

Edmund continues to do well. His arms are loosening up splendidly! His legs are improving too, but still need quite a bit of work. I'm hopeful that First Steps will be fully in place by the week of the 23rd. If not then, by the week after. That will be a great relief as I won't be running to appointments every week.

Monday Edmund goes to see the neurologist. Heidi is looking forward to that. She's not sure what the appointment will entail, but Dr. Patel was GREAT when we talked to him at the hospital, so I'm sure it will be informative and helpful.

Edmund is beginning to move into his 3-6 month clothes and on Saturday will already be getting his 3 month pictures taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are continuing to adjust to life with a baby and the house is slowly coming back together. Heidi's mom is coming Sunday and staying all week. This will be a HUGE help as she'll be able to watch the daycare kiddos while Heidi takes Edmund to appointments. It will also be great to watch grandma and grandson simply enjoy each other!:) And Heidi will be able to get a little extra rest and a few extra things done around the house! She can't wait to get things done and just enjoy some time with her mom!

Thanks to all who continue to keep updated and pray for our family. Dennis and I both request prayer as we learn how to be spouses and parents at the same time. For both of us, that seems to be the biggest adjustment. We thought about how to be spouses and about how to be parents. We didn't realize how tricky it is learning to be them simultaneously! Thanks again for all your support.

Dennis, Heidi, and Edmund


bharber said...

thanks for continuing to share your lives with us, guys! i am very glad to have you as friends :) - becky

Madeleine said...

Learning how to be spouses and parents at the same time is an adjustment I'd yet to consider when thinking about my friends getting married and having kids. Strange how we grow up believing that the two go hand-in-hand naturally without any problems, only to realize as adults that doing both is more complex than we could have imagined as children.
The good part is that you have each other and are both new parents, so you get to learn together!