Friday, February 27, 2009

Help has been found

Ok, so I've had LOADS of help and support with the nursing, praise the Lord, or I would have given up long ago! Thank you ladies; you know who you are:)

Today we had speech therapy. It sounds odd for a baby I know, but they help with suck, swallow, breath coordination and all that. Edmund was thrusting terrible and lately not being able to settle into a rhythm while nursing, which meant more air, which meant more gas. I was at my wit's end. The therapist reiterated what I'd been thinking: my initial let down is too much for him and he tries to manage it by thrusting and losing his latch. So now I have to pump before he nurses so it's not so overwhelming for him. It's a pain, but I already did it once and WOW it did make a HUGE difference. Knock on wood, it will continue to be better and I'll actually be able to heal:)

Of course now we have to see the speech therapist 2x a week to help with that. Fortunately, I convinced them to let me do the appointments back to back with OT and PT. It's not optimal because it's a long time for him, but I just can't get away 4 days a week. Fortunately I have the next couple days covered for the daycare, and hopefully first steps will be set up soon. Then the therapists will come to our house and we won't have to run to appointments every week. Of course, we'll have new therapists, but I'm sure we'll find some we like:)

Please continue to pray about nursing. I think it's improving again now, but every time I say that, it seems to get worse. Even more so, pray that I continue to worship God through this hard time...even when it stays hard or gets worse!


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