Monday, March 21, 2011

Eat It If You Can Enjoy It

My major take away from today's meeting: Eat it if you can enjoy it. I believe it was in the context of the yo-yo thing where people fall away from their good habits but then go back to them. I guess there were some people who fell away or were struggling over the week to stay within points. Instead of avoiding the foods we love we need to treat ourselves. When we run out of points and something we love is staring at us, we need to eat it if we enjoy can enjoy it, meaning eat it without guilt or worring about points.
I did that very thing this week. I enjoyed a lovely dinner at Bazbuex's Pizza, a wonderfil Caramel Macchiato (actually made correctly, way to go Mass Ave Starbucks), a fun lunch at Red Robin and enjoyed several snacks like chips and choclate. On the flip side, I did a ton of walking and did a few WII step workouts. Those workouts don't earn a bunch of activity points, but it was better than nothing. Even though I ate all my 49 weekly and only a few of my activity points, I still lost 1.6 pounds! I am hoping that in two more weeks I will be at my 10% goal!

I think this week I am going to concentrate on more vegetables and a little less Diet Coke. I am also going to attempt to not eat any of my weekly flex points and only eat activity points. We'll see how it goes!

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