Friday, March 18, 2011

I Can Eat Whatever I Want

I stayed away from Weight Watchers because I was told it was 'fat girls with no friends.' Or, in light of "Mean Girls"... 'girls who eat their emotions.' Regardless of who is there, I'm glad I joined (thus far). My leader speaks my language! "Treat yourself" "Enjoy that candy bar" but also "track your points" "know what you're eating" "we are not on a diet!"
I haven't read all the materials yet, but as of my 3rd week weigh in, I've lost 12.4 pounds. I'm excited to see what next week brings as I've been doing a lot of walking and haven't eaten my weekly free points.

Anyway - I love it. It is like economics. A basic economic concept is Opportunity Cost. With limited resources you have to choose one thing over the other (the thing you didn't choose is your opportunity cost.) I get my points each week, plus my flex points (or whatever they're called) and thats what I get to spend on food.  I thought I was going to die the first week but it turns out my stomach shrank and I'm not craving food as much. Or it could be that I'm taking full advantage of my Zero Point Foods like fruits and most veggies and I'm binging on those whenever I'm hungry. Either way, it has been working.

Each week I've focused on a few different habits.
Week One:
Stay within points no matter what! This meant a lot of SmartOnes, fruit and Diet Coke. I told Heidi she was just going to have to deal with me drinking a lot of DC until I got other things under control.
Week Two:
Stay within the points... I think I went over two points this week but that was because Heidi made her sinful red velvet cake (which is okay to eat and all, I just have to be aware of how much I'm eating.)
Week Three:
Stay Within Points... drink more water, less Diet Coke, walk to earn activity points and take vitamins.
Week Four:
Still working on last weeks goals. I have walked a lot and have only used 2 of my 49 flex points so far!

I will see on Monday if I'm still losing. I hear you lose a lot of weight really fast and then it slows. Hopefully with my goals of staying away from flex points and walking a bit I can keep shrinking. I made my 5% goal in three weeks.. maybe I can do my 10% in another 3! :-) I doubt it, but we'll see.

So, like I said, I love it! I get to eat whatever I want I just have to realize there is a cost. I can have cake, chips, fast food burgers and cheese fries. I just have to make sure I've got the points or am willing to do a touch of walking. (Of course these are not my only choices, I have been making VERY different food choices, but I get to treat myself, too!)

I'm not doing it for the incentive program at work. I'm doing it so I don't become diabetic at 31, so I feel better and hopefully add a few years on to my life. However, I am excited to see what the incentive program will produce... I'm going to need new clothes, or at least get mine altered! that would be a good incentive! :-)

30 points for dinner tonight... maybe pizza!?!?

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Mitch said...

REMARKABLE!! I love that you are discussing what you are doing and how it is working for you...unfortunately you are one of the mean girls now!! Just took this challenge head on and for that I appreciate what you are doing for you, Heidi and the kids. Great job thus far Dennis...please share during the meeting. Oh and dont doubt yourself..your dedication got you the first 5% and it will do the same for the next 5...tell Heidi if she is making red velvet cake, then I am going to have to put some points aside...because that is my fav ever!! Yummo...